Aged Care Massage is a service designed to provide all of the positive benefits of massage to the elderly and/or frail members of our community. Massage in general is a fantastic way to ease pain, stress and improve health and well being. There are many benefits massage can have on elderly people. Aged Care Massage uses a different technique than a massage for younger people. There are physiological changes that occur in the body as we age and Aged Care Massage therapy takes all of that into account.

As we age, there is a tendancy to become less active, massage can significantly reduce the effects which ageing and less physical activity can have on us.

Regular Aged Care Massage can have the following benefits,
  • Assists in arthritic pain management
  • Promotes natural joint lubrication
  • Increase strength and muscle coordination
  • Improve posture by reducing muscle tension
  • Boosts energy levels and mental awareness